FO signs the GEPP agreement (« Management of Jobs and Career Paths »)


Negotiations at Group level on the RELOAD theme concerning « Management of Jobs and Career Paths » (GEPP in French – Gestion des Emplois et des Parcours Professionnels) ended on 23 August.

FO was resolute in its commitment to these negotiations, which were crucial in view of the rapid and far-reaching changes in our environment, as well as the industrial and technological challenges facing Airbus.
This new 4-year GEPP agreement will enable us to support you through these changes.

The main changes provided for in this new agreement are (find full details HERE (in French only – sorry)):

  • Improved communication and transparency: easier access to existing tools and information with the eventual provision of a « single employee interface »; forums & « GEPP corners »
  • Employee development at the heart of the annual interview: identifying your training needs in line with your career plan, drawing up your development plan, meeting with a Professional Development Adviser, VAE, focusing on your job description: analyzing any changes in your significant tasks that could lead to a change in classification
  • Abundant CPF (Personal Training Account): a greater contribution from Airbus in money and time (up to €3,000)
  • Off-the-job training courses leading to a diploma: introduction of a harmonized Group-wide financial contribution from Airbus
  • Emergency measures for employees involved in a redundancy scheme before the promulgation of the law on pension reform (see HERE)

FO will remain at your side to accompany you through this period of major change, informing and advising you so that you can define your career path in line with the strategy and needs of the Airbus Group, but also with your own aspirations.