Ecomobility, an environmental and societal challenge


The subject of ecomobility, and more specifically the use of bicycles to get to work, is an important one because it contributes to reducing our carbon footprint, in the same way as car-pooling.

This is why FO has been calling on Airbus management for months to address the organisational and safety issues associated with this practice.
But to date, the solutions provided by Airbus management to meet the growing demand from Airbus employees remain inadequate.

Following our latest survey on ecomobility, we received almost 650 responses on these topical subjects, and here are the key figures:

  • 27% of employees use their bikes to come to work, a figure that is constantly rising
  • 80% of Airbus employees are ready to reduce the use of their car or motorised two-wheeler, but they feel that the conditions are not right: lack of secure parking spaces, insufficient number of showers and changing rooms, no financial aid for the purchase of a bicycle, etc.

Faced with this situation, FO has taken these points to the various bodies in order to demand, in the short term, the launch of work on all Airbus SAS sites in order to meet the pressing demands of employees.

The home-work commute must be at the heart of the social dialogue in our company in order to make employees’ daily lives easier in application of the Mobility Orientation Law (LOM). This subject relating to
will be negotiated during the first quarter of 2024 (RELOAD).

FO will bring all its weight to bear in these negotiations to ensure that Airbus management provides concrete responses in order to be fully involved in the company’s ecomobility approach.