2024 outlook: the negotiations to come


Once again, the entire FO Airbus team would like to wish you an excellent 2024!

The year 2023 ended on a high note, with our delivery target more than met. Thanks to your commitment and professionalism right up to the last day of the year, Airbus kept its commitments to its customers, and even went beyond them by delivering 735 aircraft!

The year 2024 will see the implementation of the new social status. This will give you the opportunity to experience it on a daily basis.

From January onwards, the vast majority of you will be able to see the positive impact of this new status on your purchasing power on your payslip. You will also be able to appreciate the many measures that will improve your social benefits on a lasting basis.

In the end, you will be able to judge for yourself the value of this new social status, a far cry from the manipulations and fake news that some people distilled throughout their election campaigns… Whatever they say, this social status is still undeniably one of the best in the metal industry!

2024 will see the end of the RELOAD project, with a few topics still to be negotiated:

  • February-March: « Mobility of employees between their usual place of residence and their place of work » in connection with the LOM law.  1st meeting on 19/02
  • April-June: « Quality of Life and Working Conditions / Hybrid working », including of course teleworking. 1st meeting not yet scheduled

These two issues have a major impact on employees’ day-to-day well-being. As always, FO will be a key contact for management and will fully play its role as the leading trade union organisation. Your FO representatives are ready to listen to you and continue to gather your expectations and proposals on these two issues. Don’t hesitate to contact them for a chat!

Mid-February will also see the publication of Airbus Commercial and Group results. These results will determine the success-sharing and profit-sharing bonuses, which will have to be in line with employee investment!  

February will also see the start of salary policy negotiations within the Group, in particular to define everything that will be common to the entire Airbus Group: in accordance with article 9.2.1 of the Reload agreement, this will be the time to negotiate the revaluation of the Airbus SMH (Minimum Hierarchical Salary) scale, including the launch ramp, as well as the Group seniority point.

Next will come negotiations on pay policy at the level of our Airbus Commercial Division. Here again, you can trust FO to negotiate pay policies that will continue to set the standard in the metal industry!

The quality and effectiveness of social dialogue at Airbus will be crucial to maintaining the high level of employee commitment that is the only way to meet the challenge of the ramp-up that is set to accelerate further in 2024.

The entire FO Airbus team will be there again this year to defend your interests and support you.

We wish you all a good start to the new year!