Wages: unacceptable proposal!


Today, Management brought together the union organizations for a first negotiation meeting on salary policy from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.

Management has proposed an overall envelope of 3.2%, which we will not even bother to detail here as this level is far from expectations. We will not explain the inexplicable to employees!

Employees do not live in a parallel world, a world which would not be affected by inflation (4.9% on average in 2023), a world in which our company would not have achieved its delivery objectives or beaten its sales record, guaranteeing us a 10-year load plan…

Employees live in this reality!

FO Airbus remains very attached to social dialogue, it is our DNA, but FO also knows how to create a balance of power when conditions require it.

We are waiting for Management to get its act together to propose to us at the next meeting a salary policy worthy of the name, in touch with reality.

FO requests amounts of General Increases and Individual Increases for cadres and non cadres to maintain purchasing power, with a heel to support even stronger the purchasing power of the lowest salaries, but also budgets for promotions and career developments.

These are the demands, among others, that the FO negotiators brought forward during this first meeting.

Just like employees, FO lives in the real world and carefully observes the situation of salary evolutions in our sector…

FO will not hesitate to call on employees to mobilize if necessary!

The 2nd negotiation meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 3.

FO, the Payroll Union-

Negociations-salariales-R1 Negociations-salariales-R1