Salary negotiations #3: an acceptable final offer?


On Monday, April 15, the 3rd and final salary negotiation meeting was held.
Find below the summary of the latest proposals from the Management as well as the comments and analyzes from FO Airbus SAS.


The Management made its latest proposals with an overall envelope of 4.4% as follows:

  • Non cadres (class 3 to 10)

4.4% = 1.9% General increse (minimum of €70) + 1.8% Individual increase (minimum of €40) with 80% mini ditribution rate + 0.7% to finance promotions from July 2024 to June 2025

General increase applicable in July 2024, Individual increase in September 2024

  • Cadres (11 to 15)

4.4% = 3.5% Individual increase (minimum of €120) with 80% mini distriburion rate + 0.7% to finance promotions from July 2024 to June 2025 + 0.2% to add €30 to people over 50 who get an individual increase

Individual increase applicable in September 2024

  • Cadres supérieurs (class 16)

4.4% = 3% Individual increase (minimum of €130) + 1% to finance promotions from July 2024 to June 2025 + 0.2% to add €70 to people over 50 who get an individual increase + 0.2% for company car new catalog

Individual increase applicable in September 2024

The main changes obtained by FO since R1

✓ a 1.2% increase in the overall budget, from 3.2% in R1 to 4.4% in R3!
✓ the introduction of a minimum individual increase distribution rate of 80%, applicable to Non cadres and Cadres, as well as to their senior populations aged 50 and over!
✓ Obtaining a €50 minimum general increase in R2, increased to €70 in R3!
✓ In R2, a minimum individual increase for Non cadres and Cadres supérieurs (Class 16).
✓ the application dates for general increase and individual increase brought forward in R3 (by 2 months and 1 month respectively)
✓ obtaining in R3 a specific measure in favour of "senior cadres aged 50 and over", with supplements to the individual increase.

FO also obtained:
✓ Management's commitment:
* to pay particular attention in the application of this pay policy to people taking on a tutoring role in Production.
* to open discussions in the third quarter of 2024 on the subject of "Tutoring".
✓ the commitment that attention will be paid to employees who have not had an individual increase in the previous financial year.
✓ confirmation that in the event of individual increase "for setting at SMH" lower than the minimum individual increase, then obligation to supplement at least up to the minimum individual increase.

FO considerations
Since the beginning of these negotiations, FO has maintained pressure at the right level, favouring social dialogue and negotiation, without excluding the possibility of having to mobilise employees if necessary when the time comes...
FO strongly supported the demand for a general increase for all employees, both non cadres and cadres, right up to the end.
As the option of a general increase for cadres was not taken up by the management, FO immediately reacted by demanding in R2 a high rate of distribution of individual increase among cadres in order to guarantee a pay rise for a large majority of them.
FO was heard and obtained a minimum individual increase distribution rate of 80% as well as an increase in the minimum individual increase for cadres from €90 to €120.

For non cadres, FO succeeded in obtaining a heel general increase of €70, which on a salary of €2,000 will represent an increase of 3.5%.
With a minimum individual increase of €40, more than 80% of non cadres will therefore obtain an accumulation of general increase + individual increase of at least €110, which will represent an increase of 5.5% on a salary of €2,000!

With regard to cadres Senior and executives aged 50 and over, the measures proposed (80% distribution of individual increase to be respected also for these populations and/or top-up of individual increase) respond to the alert raised by FO at the transparency meeting on 12 March. Indeed, it appears that the average amount of individual increase decreases with age.

Similarly, in previous years, the individual increase distribution rate was much lower in these older populations.

For FO, these measures should make it possible to better recognise and value the experience of these employees, who will be more than ever an essential link in the launch of a new aircraft programme in the years to come.

As regards Equality/Mixity, FO will ensure that the good results already achieved are sustained in accordance with the existing group agreement.

Management's final proposals take into account our latest demands and should make it possible to meet all the objectives defended by FO: rewarding your commitment, defending your purchasing power, supporting your mobility and promotions, guaranteeing fairness between the different generations, etc.

FO has therefore taken note of the major advances achieved in the negotiations and will be consulting its staff representatives in the next few days before deciding whether or not to sign.

In the absence of an agreement, management's 2nd proposal (3.8% envelope) will be unilaterally applied.

FOthe Payroll Union