FO signs the annual salary policy agreement 2024


After several weeks of tough negotiations with Management, and at the end of a 3rd and final meeting which had also been postponed, the final obtained budget is therefore 4.4%! 

 Among the main advances obtained by FO during these negotiations: 

  • An overall budget increased very significantly, from 3.2% to 4.4%.

  • Minimum Individual Increase amounts revised upwards for Cadres.

  • A distribution rate of 80% minimum up to class 15.

  • A General Increase heel for non cadres increased to €70.

  • Specific measures for those aged 50 and over.

  • The opening in the third quarter of discussions relating to “Tutoring”.

Wednesday 17 April 2024, FO AIRBUS OPÉRATIONS and FO AIRBUS SAS unions brought together their authorities, who voted in favor of signing the “annual salary policy agreement for the period July 2024 to June 2025”.

FO, the first union organization at Airbus Commercial, takes its responsibilities by signing one of the best salary agreements in the metallurgy industry in 2024 (4% on average in 2024).

Indeed, far from populism or demagoguery, we at FO believe that Airbus employees have another expectation: that of a union whose only concern is to best defend their interests, by obtaining the best, and by giving it to them through an agreement!

Your local representatives will ensure that these negotiated measures are perfectly applied in order to meet the objectives defended by FO: rewarding your commitment, defending your purchasing power, guaranteeing fairness between the different generations, and supporting your future mobilities and promotions.