Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC): 1st meeting


During this first negotiation meeting on Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC), Management recalled the legal framework, the issues and the 3 themes which will be addressed according to a schedule of 6 meetings scheduled until June 6.

Theme 1: Evolution of work organizations and working conditions
This theme will address the organization of the team and the working environment, on site or remotely (i.e. hybrid working and teleworking), working conditions and the consideration of this aspect in all projects (organizational or spatial).

Theme 2: Prevention of professional disintegration
Here, topics on the identification of professional disintegration risks and preventive measures will be discussed.

Theme 3: Prevention, detection, evaluation and treatment of PSR (Psycho-Social Risks)

For FO, this first meeting had the merit of laying the foundations (legal framework, existing agreements, inventory), as well as the lines of thought for this negotiation.

QLWC, beyond being an integral part of the Social Responsibility of a company, must:

  • Giving meaning to work
  • Allow us to reaffirm the notion of volunteerism and managerial trust
  • Develop the attractiveness of the company
  • Develop commitment and professional motivation
  • Promoting well-being at work
  • Better reconcile private/professional life balance
  • Better understand physical and mental health and safety at work

Airbus must assert its ambitions and must not be satisfied with the strictly legal

To do this, the rules that we will have to establish must be more flexible, and based on trust and dialogue, in order to put each employee at the heart of this new QLWC system.

For FO, beyond the aspects of well-being at work, working conditions, strengthening of prevention at work... this new Agreement must bring more to all the employees concerned.

Expectations are high, particularly with regard to teleworking.

FO will do everything possible to obtain progress in this negotiation, which has high stakes.