ATI & Airtac: FO obtains the integration of the “Base complement” in the salary


In the frame of the new « status social » negotiation, employees working on shift (ex ATI and AIRTAC) have not been included in the “complement base” integration scheme since 1 January 2024. 

This integration would have made it possible to calculate the amount of the shift bonus on a broader basis and therefore to significantly increase its amount.



In order to ensure uniform application of this measure, FO has been demanding for months that this system be extended to all employees.


Thus, in our last letter dated 02 May 2024, see attached, we reminded Airbus management of the importance of obtaining progress on this subject and thus avoiding differences in treatment.  



FO has just received a favorable response from management, which will integrate this ‘complement base’ into the gross salary of employees in the concerned sectors on July 1, 2024




FO, the pay slip union