Quality of Life at Work: Teleworking


During the meeting on May 6, we addressed the theme: Evolution of work organizations and working conditions.
Management presented its vision on hybrid work, teleworking, and everything that revolves around good working conditions: the improvement and development of workspaces, the organization of teams and their environments.

Regarding hybrid working and the establishment of new work organizations, FO recalled the legal obligation of the employer to preserve the physical and moral integrity of employees. In this sense, FO will not negotiate provisions likely to call this principle into question.
These subjects are already the prerogatives of the CSSCTs.

For the “Working conditions”, the Management relied on the “My Working Environment” surveys and all the initiatives of the “Better WorkPlace” program, in order to better take into account the Preservation of Health in the organization of the work: awareness of Managers/managerial recommendations, better regulation of workload and integration of “Ergonomics” aspects in change projects (creation of a “QVCT Gate”).
The goal is to put each employee at the heart of this new QVCT system.

For FO, the notions of working conditions are essential, and these initiatives, in accordance with the Health law and the Occupational Health Plan, are beneficial to all employees.
But for FO, all these initiatives associated with a precise and established standard and process nevertheless remain one of the main prerogatives of the employer.
This is why our objective is to obtain progress, particularly on teleworking, and we have therefore demanded:

Flexibility in taking teleworking days (removal of the notion of minimum 3-day presence on site), and management of these days by the month and no longer by the week.

➢ The possibility of doing up to 10 days of regular teleworking per month

Increasing the number of days of occasional teleworking from 15 to 40 days per year.

➢ The possibility of splitting teleworking days into half-days

➢ Teleworking for all eligible employees, and no longer just for full-time or 80% employees

➢ The absence of restrictions on the choice of teleworking location

Financing material means for teleworking in good conditions (screen, seat, etc.), and setting up a recurring package to cover certain costs linked to the expenses incurred.

➢ Return to site in good conditions for employees no longer wishing to telework.

FO also asked that teleworking be made explicit in the event of situations
exceptional, and that the cases of employees unable to telework in these situations are evaluated with the Trade Union Organizations.

FO will do everything possible to obtain progress in this negotiation, which has high stakes, and will continue to inform you in the coming days.

Next meeting on May 16.