Airbus SAS Social and Economic Committee (SEC) on 27 June 2024: Minutes of Meeting


The last Social and Economic Committee (SEC) was held on june 27, 2024, you will find below the main points to remember.

Commercial Situation Airbus Commercial Aircraft at the end of May 2024

At the end of May 2024, Airbus recorded 27 gross orders (87% market share) compared to 4 gross orders for Boeing (13% market share).
Airbus' order book is 8,579 aircrafts, including 7,710 Single Aisle and 869 Wide Body, compared to 6,188 aircrafts for Boeing, or respectively 58% and 42% market share.
Concerning deliveries, Airbus delivered 53 aircrafts at the end of May compared to 24 aircrafts for Boeing, or respectively 69% and 31% of deliveries.
Following the announcement made by Airbus on June 25, 2024, the new delivery target for 2024 was set at 770 aircraft
Accidentology Airbus SAS - TF1 (Legal Social Security) FR1 (Airbus Déclaration)
During May 2024, no work accident with stoppage of more than 30 days were recorded
Consequently, the accident frequency rate over the last 12 rolling months for the Airbus SAS scope is:
1.81 for the TF1 rate 
0.84 for the FR1 rate 
The Airbus Commercial objective for the year 2024 has been set at 1.95 and the Airbus SAS 2024 objective remains < 1
As a reminder, the FR1 rate taken into account for the calculation of the incentive bonus is that of the ACA (Airbus Commercial Aircraft) scope.
Feedback of the CSSCT-E of June 21, 2024
The secretary of the commission provided a progress update on the deliveries of new buildings and current and future moves:
Building B21 (customer Care center)
It will include 835 employees (excluding AIRTAC room), 791 offices, 76 meeting rooms and 55 bubbles
In detail, there will be 249 offices for SBC including AIRTAC teams, 43 offices for AIRTAC indoors, 524 offices for 1S, 27 offices for 1IAZE, 25 offices for support functions and the XLR platform and 10 offices for the ZAOG platform .
The entry into service will be made between July 8 and August 5 initially, then mid-November 2024 for the Airtac function.
LANDING building (rented building - InSitu Owner)
New building entirely dedicated to the “Digital” function coming from Saint Martin and which includes 762 seats and a car park for 288 parking spaces + 100 additional parking spaces in building B12
There will also be 84 bicycle spaces - Motorcycle
Buildings B25/B26
It is expected to start in October 2024, which will result in the destruction of the P28 car park which has around 400 parking spaces
FO had alerted since March 2024 of the need to anticipate the destruction of this car park as part of the construction project for buildings B25/B26 and to urgently create new car park in the B14/B42 area for around 350 parking spaces.
We can only deplore that our FO recommendations have not been followed by action since the creation of these new parking places will not be available until the end of 2024.
As a result, AIrbus SAS employees will find themselves in a situation that we describe as “very complicated” knowing that hundreds of parking spaces will be missing by the 4 quarter of 2024.
2023 assessment of the agreement in favor of the employment and integration of people with disabilities within Airbus SAS

We had 2 collective agreements approved for Airbus Operations SAS and Airbus SAS for the period 2020-2022

These agreements were renewed for a period of 3 years (from 2023 to 2025)

An Airbus Operations SAS agreement

An Airbus SAS agreement


These agreements are subject to approval because any employer must employ 6% of the total workforce of people with disabilities.


“Disability” awareness sessions were carried out and therefore thematic actions on disability, such as:

Disability Flash:

10 sessions for Airbus Operations with a total of 262 participants and 10 sessions for Airbus SAS with a total of 227 participants



2 sessions for Airbus Operations and 2 sessions for Airbus SAS with a total of 330 participants


Mental Health :

1 session for Airbus Operations and 8 SAS sessions with a total of 256 participants


In terms of recruitment objectives, and even if the evolution is positive, Airbus SAS is less advanced than Airbus Operation on its objectives, namely:

• 33% of the objective set for the work-study program

• 56% of the objective set for permanent contracts

• 60% of the objective set for fixed-term contracts and temporary work

• 40% of the objective set for the internships

Airbus SAS achieved its annual objectives by 47%


More broadly, the achievement of Airbus Commercial objectives (including Airbus Ops) is as follows:

• 34% of the objective set for work-study

• 136% of the objective set for permanent contracts

• 75% of the objective set for fixed-term contracts and temporary work

• 30% of the objective set for the internships

Airbus Commercial is almost 80% of its hiring targets for 2023


Ultimately, the employment rates over the last 3 years are as follows:

Airbus Operations 2021= 5.85% 2022= 5.79% 2023= 5.96%

Airbus SAS 2021= 3.75% 2022= 4.08% 2023= 4.16%



Miscellaneous point on the CSE-E commissions: catering quality commission, social support commission

The FO secretary gave us an update on the activities of the Catering Quality Commission

Currently, there is a call for tenders in progress for the services (Round 2) for which a response is expected by mid-July in order to have implementation at the end of October 2024.


On the work side…

The R01 diving work has been carried out

Under study are the renovation of R02 which requires work to bring it up to standard from July 1 => September 10 as well as the development of the R06 terrace since Airbus will buy the premises on July 1, 2024.


On the improvement side…

The Concept La Cabine located on the Terrace on the 1st floor of the R06 restaurant offers a new offer to guests


QUANTEEEN Interface side….

This is an interface allowing you to obtain the occupancy rate of restaurants in real time


Sensors are installed at the entrance, at the cash registers, at the exits of the self-servicecounters to calculate the number of places remaining

This interface allows you to provide information on peak times + Encrypted Zoom (orange limited places).


Moneyweb side…

The Moneyweb application is not used enough since 70% of employees use it to recharge their accounts. This generates an impact since 30% of employees recharge their accounts, which generates waiting at checkouts and therefore an impact on fluidity.



The secretary of the AISC informed us about the activities of the Social Support Commission

The objective of this Information related to the project to modify the mode of operation of Airbus crèches by gradually exiting from this system and replacing it with additional CESU for eligible employees.


To date, 73 employees can benefit from crib reservations, knowing that employees in difficulty do not systematically benefit from them.


The cost for Airbus SAS is €680,000.00 per year, which corresponds once tax credits are deducted to:

- Annual cost of €220,000.00 in 2024 for 73 Opening Rights.

- Management contract by Lumanisy €50,000.00 / year for 3 years.

A total of => €270,000 per year


To date, 1460 Ouvrant Droits are in a position to want to benefit from crèches (children under 3 years old). With the new model, the amount to be redistributed to 1460 Ouvrant Droits instead of 73 would be:

€220,000.00 + €25,000.00* = €245,000.00

* ~€25,000.00 to maintain the Luminasy contract.


This would allow the 1460 Open Rights of the AISC to benefit from CESU checks for their children (under 3 years old) with a subsidy ceiling of €350.00.



The next SEC will be held at the end of August 2024