FO signs the “Employee mobility (home - work)” agreement


This Friday, June 28, FO signed the Group Agreement relating to the mobility of employees between their home and their workplace.

For FO, this new Agreement will help initiate good momentum in the Airbus Group by encouraging a greater number of us to think differently, when possible, about our daily mobility.

This Agreement offers new provisions which will be implemented no later than early January 2025. However, the minimum 80% coverage for “public transport” subscriptions is effective now (as of July 1, 2024). The previous procedure remains unchanged.

The other practical arrangements will be specified later by application note(s) (supporting documents to be provided, detailed rental conditions, etc.).

FO also obtained the right to carry out, in the second quarter of 2026, a “2025 review” of the use made by employees of the various systems, in order to make possible improvements to facilitate the implementation of these new rights.

This Agreement has a fixed duration of 4 years and, without a doubt, it will evolve over time following your feedback and according to your future expectations.

FO will therefore continue to listen carefully to these mobility issues in order to support this transition to jointly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions during home-work journeys.

***For full details about the content of the agreement and the different measures, please contact us***